Skyworks – Birak Concert 2017

Birak Concert 2017 – Supreme Court Gardens, Perth WA

Standing on the stage, I want to scream! We did it, we actually pulled it off, the Birak Concert for 2017 as part of Skyworks! Ha, if you know me well, you know there would have been a few choice words before during and after!


Its a hot 40 degree plus day. I have been in Supreme Court Gardens for three days straight, starting at 6am and finishing at midnight. I hurt in places I didn’t know existed. I have sweat all over. I am truly exhausted, shattered and emotionally drained.  I smell lovely! haha but I couldn’t be more excited, someone crack the champers, someone bring me a very large glass of Vodka! I did it, we did it.

Sometimes when you put so much into these events and I can tell you my heart and soul goes into every event. It’s so emotional when it all runs to plan and those first entertainers hit the stage to open a concert you have spent hrs after hrs, days after days planning. It quite literally hits me head on and the wave of emotions quite often literally runs down my face. I know I have done my best.

Now when this Tender was thrust upon me by Mandy and Brad I almost ran away, actually I tried to convince them I couldn’t do it. It was for Survival Day anOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd after much consideration and consultation, later changed to the Birak Concert. Such a cultural sensitive event, I honestly didn’t know where to start. I have managed sensitive events before with the Anzac Day Dawn Services, but Survival day WOW. How do I give the Indigenous community a concert that will blow their socks off but also make their culture proud?

I was quietly shitting myself!!

But Brad and Mandy kept reassuring me that we can do this and before I knew it City of Perth said yes you can do this and the Tender was granted and in our hands to which immediate panic set in. What were we thinking? When I got the call to say we had been granted the tender I didn’t know whether to hug Brad and Mandy or slap them both. However, I got my shit together and I jumped with both feet, made the calls to some amazing people who pointed me in the right direction and before I knew it, we had everything booked, schedule planned and well on its way.

There is a whole world of talent I had no idea about. How naive was I? I must say I’m saddened that in the 10yrs I have worked in the events industry, I hadn’t had the opportunity to work side by side with these entertainers and musicians before.

Yabu Band, Phillip Walley-Stack, Hot Likwid, Little Tear Drops, Doreen Pensio and Stirling Rangers you all truly blew my socks off. When you all hit the stage one by one my heart raced but you all never missed a beat.


~Hot Likwid~

This Concert was the biggest set up stage and sound wise I have ever done. Coordinating stage, audio towers, audio equipment, lights, generators, you name it. All arriving at allotted times and in order truck after truck.  Following that, the other infrastructure. Marquees for community groups, marquees for elders with VIP catering and seating, marquees for entertainers and staff with catering, animals display, getting community groups all in and on time, the list goes on and on. The scope was immense

I swear to you with my hand on my heart. I love doing all the organising and meeting and getting to know so many people on such a huge scale but if you asked me to organise my office desk hahahaha I would laugh at you.

I’m extremely humbled and grateful to have been involved with Skyworks 2017 for the Birak Concert. I was welcomed with open arms from the Indigenous community and entertainers, and nick named “Sister Girl” on a regular basis. I’ll own that name and look forward to working together on many future events.

I am, you are, we are Australian.



~Delly Stokes of Yabu Band~


~Phil Walleystack~

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