The first steps: What makes a great event?

At Barefoot we know events. Big and small. And because we have been in the game for over 10 years now, we are pretty confident we know what makes a great event.

Here are our top 5 tips for your next event.

  1. Understand your audience.
    It may sound pretty obvious, but it is amazing how many people don’t event consider this first simple step. At Barefoot it is the very first thing we discuss with a client. Who will be attending? Who do you WANT to attend? What is important to them and how can we make sure your event has the wow factor and gets your audience talking!

  1. Making it memorable.
    We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach in creating events. Doing the same thing time and time over again loses its wow factor pretty quickly. Think of something unique – and often this can be something really simple. Like a quirky event invitation or an out of the box installation or entertainer!

  1. Details, details, details!
    You have probably heard the saying: “The devils is in the detail” – right? Well, with events it certainly is. Make sure you have thought of every little thing – right down to the detail on the invitations, signage, bathrooms, food – everything!

  1. Use only the best suppliers.
    Suppliers from AV, to lighting, to marquees to first aid to entertainers and stallholders can make or break your event. At Barefoot we have long established relationships with many we consider the best here in Perth.

  1. Finally, have fun!
    An event should be enjoyable for you too. Whether it be a private function to celebrate a special occasion or a corporate event you are charged with organising. Hiring an event manager means you can still be involved, but also enjoy your event too!


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