The Giant Foodies Movement

 The Giant Foodies Movement ….


Can you hear the low rumble ………. of the amazing food trucks we have in Perth at this very moment? It’s quite literally like having the entire world’s cuisines available right at your fingertips or should I say taste buds




You can have absolutely any selection of food you like from all countries you just find the truck that caters to you taste buds.

There has been an absolutely MASSIVE influx in the past few yrs of food vendors in Perth at events. If we rewind 4 or 5 yrs ago, it was one of the biggest challenges as a events manager putting together festivals or market days our choices were sausage sizzles, sausage sizzles, sausage sizzles, hamburgers and chips run by the local school P&C or lions club.

Now we post an event date on our website open up the bookings, and we are quite literally swamped by food vendors of all descriptions. We now knock back food vendors, if we took all that apply we would have too many at one event. Our food vendor’s database now has over 60 choices available to us.

Wood fired Pizza, Asian-inspired, Italian, Cuban, Spanish, American, British, coffee vendors, ice cream trucks, raw foods, vegans, soul food, Greek, German, Indian, Kiwi and this is just a handful of what is available, honestly any country you can think of or any dietary needs you will find a food vendor that caters to your every desire.

Perth has gone from sausage sizzles to pulled pork, wagyu beef sliders, butter chicken and paella. It truly is a food vendor, food truck revolution.

I can honestly say I have eaten some of the best food I have ever tasted from these amazing vendors.  

We now have hawker’s markets and international foodie’s festivals, Perth we really are spoilt for choice. So many amazing vendors using fresh local grown produce.

 My advice go seek out these trucks, they really are a gourmet experience with a third of the price tags you would pay in a 5 star restaurant.



Now there are so many to choose from but here’s a few that blew our taste buds.


1/ Soul Provider OMG! I have only eaten from this truck once about 2 yrs ago, but it has to be the most amazing Kahlua pecan pie! I was out for the night with Bec and Mandy in the city. We were scouting new vendors for our events, this pie was so good we had 2 pieces between the three of us and we fought over it !!

2/ Gourmet Coaster the man in the van, Karl not only is his food absolutely mouth-watering and a true taste bud delight, but he really is a fantastic vendor to deal with.  Karl’s pulled pork sliders will have you coming back time and time again.


3/ Who doesn’t love Thai Food! and a great Pad Thai. Praws Thai food has been one of our longest vendors, they were one of the first to buck the sausage sizzle trend! At any event we hold, the longest que is for their amazing authentic cooked Thai food. I get Facebook PMs and emails asking if the amazing Thai food will be there.

4/ Bolly Good Foods, oh my staff go crazy for Bolly Good!! Brendon is a HUGE fan of their butter chicken pies!!


5/ Woodfired Pizza. Now Perth has two amazing mobile vendors! fresh ingredients hot crunch bases! Pizza yes please, Porta Pizza and Sunny Jims mobile wood fired pizza.


6/ If you have a sweet tooth! Café Oranje, Churros Central, and Delish Ice these are must haves.



And last but never least one vendor I would have happily driven miles to get to, and would have had all my staff in the car as soon as they started cooking. Ohhhhh it smelt sooo good !!   but sadly are no longer in Perth, we miss you Top Rice BBQ.

Please comment on our Facebook page and  tell us what your favourite food vendors are, and I’ll definitely give them a try. And look out for my Blog coming up on the gourmet cottage food vendors eg: Jams, pickles, sauces, cupcakes, bakery desserts. Ohhh my fav farmers markets.


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